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The Blackvue Revolution
now with huge Touchscreen!
now with huge Touchscreen!
Blackvue DR750LW-2CH
Blackvue DR650GW-2CH
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We now started to translate our homepage into English so that foreign visitors can get information from us. It is is very basic but should help to find the neccessary informatin. Feel free to explore our products and join our facebook page or follow us on…
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Premium Dashcams from Blackvue

The high-end Dashcams of BlackVue characterized by a discrete design and impress with their excellent Full HD picture quality. For years, Dashcams of BlackVue flank the market peak. Integrated GPS enables it to monitor the distance traveled. Thanks to rear view camera of some models they also keep the road behind you always in mind. With your iOS or Android smartphone, you can access your BlackVue dashcam couple to eg. transfer the live image or make system settings or play back recordings.

A manual in your language (german, english) allows a convenient set up. Inputs and commands are confirmed by a female voice so you can concentrate 100% on the road.

Convict hit and run thanks to the integrated monitoring mode. If you wire the dashcam with your vehicle (with Power Magic Pro), the dashcam is filming even when your car is parked or you are on vacation. The dashcam then responds to movements and vibrations.

The BlackVue Viewer software (available for Windows and Mac) allows convenient analysis of your recordings on your home computer.

Benefit from our many years of experience. BlackVue is a pioneer and innovator in car cameras.